Increase the value of your property

May, 2022

There are many ways in which you can improve the value of your property. Below are a few ways in which you could improve, extend or develop your property to maximize its value.

Obviously, all correction permissions must be obtained as well as any project must be completed by competent tradespeople.

Here are four ways to increase the value of your property by extending or converting.


Adding an extra bedroom in the loft
Loft conversions with an extra bedroom, especially one with an ensuite bath/shower room, can in some cases add 15% to the value of your property.

 The best part is that loft conversions rarely require planning permission since they fall under the premise of permitted development. Be sure to consult an architect first. If you don’t know any, we’d be happy to recommend.

Who actually parks a car in their garage? Create a space by converting it.
In my 12 years of estate agency, I can count on one hand how many cars I’ve seen parked in a garage. Garages today serve so many purposes beyond just parking cars. Converting your garage is an excellent way to increase the living space in your home.

Side or rear extension
If you meet the criteria for Permitted Development, you can often extend your home to the side or rear of your existing home without obtaining planning permission. Again, you should consult an architect and the local authority before beginning any work.

Just adding a simple additional reception room to your home can increase its market value. This type of extension offers a multitude of possibilities for adding more space to your home.

Converting a house to flats
It's an option for people who want to maximize the value of a property on a much larger scale. The ability to split a property into separate living accommodations is a brilliant way to maximize its value. 

It is possible to convert the property and rent/sell the flats yourself or to sell the entire property with the granted permissions to a property developer.

If you plan to sell the property in the near future, obtaining full planning permission may add value to your home and make it more attractive to investors. 

Making more, without selling
Consider whether you could build an independently accessible dwelling on the grounds of your property if your property is situated on a large garden plot. In that case, you should speak with a local architect to get planning approval, which you could sell along with the land.

As a result, you will be able to release funds from your current property without having to move.

Maximum curb appeal
The simplest option is to add a porch, replace the windows, clad or render the exterior or pave the driveway. There won't be much of a value increase, but it will improve the appearance of the property, thereby attracting a small premium in value.

Selling potential
Properties that have been granted permission for improvements often attract a larger pool of potential buyers. Creating this extra interest will usually result in a higher sale price and more offers.
If you want an honest and expert opinion on the of value of gaining planning permission or extending could add to your property, contact us today.

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