Get your garden 'Summer Party' ready

April, 2022

Are you planning to create the perfect entertainment space in your garden this summer? There are some things you can do to prepare your outdoor space for guests if that's the case.

Whether it's garden furniture or a herb wall, impress your guests with personal touches and create a truly stunning outdoor living space.

1. Enhance your outdoor furniture by creating your own table accessories. Place rosemary and lavender around the stems of glasses to create a decorative and fragrant outdoor table.

2. Mow and feed the lawn and keep the garden neat by removing any weeds you may come across. In case you do not have time to mow, use a strimmer to tidy up the edges. The results are quick and neat.

3. Plant fragrant night-scented flowers for evening gatherings, such as Phlox, Honeysuckle, or Jasmine.


4. For hot days shade is essential. Incorporate a parasol or garden awning or, in the long-term, consider a pergola with climbers such as vines to create some dappled shade.

5. Create a herb wall near the barbecue. Providing pleasant aromas and is within easy reach to adding whilst cooking or making those refreshing cocktails.

6. When the evenings get cooler don't stop the party, keep it alive long into the night by creating a cosy firepit area. Combine it with comfortable seating and knitted blankets your guests won't want to leave.

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7. In the evenings, lighting is essential to creating a cosy ambiance. There are many options available, and most are inexpensive. When the sun sets, solar lights make a stylish addition to your garden that is also eco-friendly.

8. While you enjoy great company in the sunshine, why not bring the inside outside with scatter cushions and rugs?

9. Give your outdoor furniture a thorough clean. Throw any removable, washable covers in the washing machine, and brush down any others.

If you have a BBQ, it's likely accumulated some dirt and dust during the winter months. It's great to have a spick and span BBQ ready to roll when it's time to enjoy your first BBQ of the season.

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