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May, 2022

Having viewed many homes, we know that the more inviting your home appears and feels when potential buyers come to view, the more likely you are to get an asking price offer or potentially more.
Most often, people make their decision about whether to buy a home based on their emotions, and they do so very quickly. Buyers will already know the size, layout, and location of your home by the time they visit it, and the photos should have enticed them enough to schedule a viewing. As a result, during this phase of the buying process, they are mainly concerned with making sure that the home is as good in reality as it appears in the brochure, and that it feels like the right place to live.
It's never a bad idea to ask your agent for their opinion on how your home should be presented for viewings, even if you already have ideas of your own. Seeing homes every day, we have the opportunity to suggest things to buyers that might not have occurred to them.
Styled photos can be taken by a professional photographer, ensuring that your home is shown in the best light. You should remember that these marketing photos are one of the most important elements to securing viewings, and a specific look is what your buyers expect. Hence, the more closely you maintain the appearance of your home while it is listed for sale, the better.


Yet no matter how neat and tidy your property is, there will always be those last-minute tweaks and little jobs to be done before a viewing. We've put together a handy checklist of six simple steps to make sure your home is perfect for the potential buyer:
1. When buyers approach your home, consider how it looks from the outside. It is often forgotten by sellers to check the condition of the 'For Sale' board - is it straight and clean? Your agent can arrange for the replacement of a dirty or damaged board if you notify them right away.
Be sure to provide a place where people can park, even if it means moving your own cars 15 minutes before the viewing. Maintain the path to the front door, keep the garden tidy, and place a few welcome potted plants at the front door. Check that any outside lighting is functioning properly, and don't forget to wipe down the door itself. Also, clean the handle and the letterbox. 
If the front door is looking tired, it's time to get it looked at. Don't forget this is the first thing that viewers will stand and look at whilst they wait for an answer after ringing the bell. You don't want the condition of your door being an indicator of the internal condition of your property. 
2. Once your home goes on the market, You should try to approach the process with the mindset that people may want to view at short notice. If you're like most people, you've probably left projects lying around on surfaces, had children's toys and play equipment on hand, and don't worry about keeping everything in its place. If you keep each room as clean and tidy as possible, it will take you less time to prepare it for viewings at the last minute.
You should only need to run the vacuum and pop that coffee cup in the dishwasher before potential buyers arrive if you can get used to living clutter-free and stay on top of the housework.
3. In terms of bathrooms and toilets, you ought to pay close attention to cleanliness and freshness. In the same way as you keep the rest of your home sparkling, the three easiest things to do before a viewing are:

  1. Disinfect the toilet with a scented disinfectant or freshen it up with a gentle air freshener
  2. Closure of the toilet lid is essential!
  3. Put out some fresh towels.

TIP: Maintain a clean set of towels specifically for viewings so you can quickly swap them out after the viewing.

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4. Selling a house is about selling a lifestyle, so consider what little touches will make people feel good about the place and make them want to spend time there. Scented candles, flowers, magazines and stylish soft furnishings work really well in living spaces and bedrooms, while in the kitchen a stocked fruit bowl or fresh potted herbs will add life to the space.
5. As clichéd that it may sound, but the smell of home baking really does appeal to buyers. In addition to being highly emotive, our sense of smell is strongly associated with memory, and a freshly baked loaf of bread or cake in the kitchen may bring back memories of childhood, while the scent of coconuts in the reception area, bathroom or bedroom may remind people of being on holiday.
Aromas that bring memories of happy times in a person's life will help them feel good about it - and will make them more likely to remember your property in detail when they've left. Don't overdo it with fragrances though, remember: less is more.
6. If a family of 4 is viewing your property and you are also a family of 4, that's eight people in one space. This can make your property feel small. Keep the number of people in your property to a minimum. You can ask a friend, partner, or relative to take your children to the park or for a walk to the shops for the duration of the viewing. 
Similar applies to pets. Although you may consider your pet a member of the family, not everyone will like it, and some may have allergies. Ideally, you should remove your pet from your home during the viewing. However, if that is not possible, make sure it's contained in one room, with beds, litter trays, etc.
In the event that relocating your pets proves challenging, you may ask your agent to inform prospective buyers about it. If they have concerns, you can discuss the most suitable solution.
At Arlington Park, our team is always here to help, so if you have any questions about viewings or would like some more advice on creating the best possible first impression on buyers, just call on 01603 577255 or email us on We look forward to hearing from you!

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