Is there a Doctor in the house?

May, 2023

Located just on the outskirts of Norwich City is the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. The hospital is a large teaching hospital associated with the University of East Anglia and is one of the largest hospitals in the United Kingdom.

As a result, the hospital draws a lot of medical professionals—including doctors and nurses—who are looking to buy a home or get a buy-to-let mortgage. Home of Mortgages, our mortgage advice partner, has had the good fortune to help a lot of medical professionals with their mortgage requirements.

In their most recent blog, they outline three obstacles that medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and other staff members might experience when applying for a mortgage and describe how Home of Mortgages can help.


NHS Hospital

Bank Shifts
In addition to their full-time employment, many medical professionals put in overtime, frequently through private or NHS hospitals. Home of Mortgages works with lenders who are aware of this payment structure and can apply the entirety of all additional income to affordability.

Shift Allowances
For working irregular hours or taking on additional duties, medical professionals may be paid shift bonuses. It can be very beneficial to factor these allowances into your analysis of affordability.

Limited Companies
The creation of a limited company may be a more tax-effective method of receiving income for medical professionals earning more than a certain amount. This might be your sole source of income, or you might combine it with a job with the NHS. 

NHS Key workers Bench

You can learn how lenders view this income structure with the aid of Home of Mortgages, and they can also make sure that all income is considered when determining affordability.

The Home of Mortgages team is committed to making the mortgage application process as simple as possible for time-constrained medical professionals. You can schedule a quick 15-minute chat with them by clicking the link below if you need any help or advice regarding your mortgage. 

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