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June, 2022

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, remortgage, or if you’re curious, you can request a property valuation to find out how much your property is worth. 

If you live in and around Norwich, you can request a valuation from Arlington Park Estate & Lettings Agency. Arlington Park offers free, no obligation valuations  to help you gain an insight the value of your property and the current market. 

Is it better to request an online or in-person valuation?
The type of valuation you request will depend on your reason for requesting one. To get a better idea of the value of your home, an in-person valuation is typically necessary when you are selling or refinancing. You can request an instant online valuation instead if you are just curious and aren't planning on selling anytime soon.

An online valuation provides you with an instant estimate based on sold house prices in your area, although the information may be limited as it only requires basic information, such as a postcode and number of bedrooms. If you make alterations or improvements to your property, online valuations cannot take them into account.

A home appraisal performed in person involves an agent visiting your property to assess its condition and noting any home renovations or extensions that may have increased the value of your home. In addition to assessing these features, the agent will conduct market research to estimate the home's fair market value.


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What can affect the price of my house?
The price of a home fluctuates based on a few factors, which is why you should always request an in-person valuation instead of an online valuation. 

All these factors can significantly affect the value of your home, such as its size, finish, and type. It is important to consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the kitchen, reception area, and the overall condition of your house. You can also add value to your house by adding more space or an extension. 

Your home's location and its surroundings are also important. Along with supply and demand, your house may increase in value if other houses in the area increase in value. If there are good schools nearby, there are potential buyers with children looking for homes in your neighbourhood that are willing to pay more to get their children into those schools.   

What is the cost of a valuation?
When you request a valuation from Arlington Park Estate & Lettings Agency, you get a free in-person valuation. We provide a no-obligation valuation without any pressure to sell. Regardless of the reason for the valuation, we will tell you what your house is worth. 

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When can I expect to know how much my property is worth?
You may receive an estimate during the home visit or after, depending on the type of valuation you request. 

At Arlington Park we aim to provide valuations within 24 hours following the home visit. 

An agent will contact you and provide you with a valuation report that will include your property's estimated value, comparable properties in your area, market research, and their rationale for the valuation. If you have any questions about the report, they can go over it with you. 

If you choose Arlington Park Estate & Lettings Agency to sell your house, we will guide you through the entire process, from listing to completion. 

If you want to know how selling works with Arlington Park get in touch with us today.

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