Queens Speech Renters Reform

May, 2022

Queen's Speech 2022: Renters'
Reform Bill back on the agenda


The Queen's Speech for 2022 reiterated the government's commitment to the Renters' Reform Bill which was originally proposed back in 2019. Additionally, the speech announced that legislation would be introduced on the regulation of social housing and a new planning system.
The government's announcements for the next parliamentary session will serve as its last opportunity to outline its plans to deliver on its manifesto commitments. Though the Queen was unable to attend the State Opening of Parliament herself, Prince Charles read the speech in her place.

Legislation will be introduced to "strengthen the rights of tenants"
Legislation aimed at strengthening the rights of tenants, including repealing Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act, was reconfirmed in the speech.
Abolishing Section 21 will end “no-fault evictions” in England. Landlords must therefore provide tenants with a reason for ending their tenancy, such as a break in the contract or the desire to sell the property.
Section 8 will likely be amended and strengthened to support landlords who want to recover their properties, for example, when they wish to sell or move into the property themselves, or if their tenants fall behind on rent.

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New regulation of social housing
A proposed bill to improve social housing regulation was announced in the speech.

A draft regulatory regime has already been released by the government that will help transform the social housing sector in England, "when Parliamentary time allows".

A key part of this plan includes the introduction of increased powers to address "failing" landlords and enforce the new responsibilities of social landlords.
A new planning system and housing reform
The speech also announced plans for a new planning system that would introduce new "local design codes" that would allow local residents to decide the type of new buildings to be allowed in their area, and give them more control over local development.

In addition, it aims to help more people buy homes, most notably through the new Leasehold Reform Act 2022, which will be effective on 30 June. It will ensure that all houses built in the future are freehold, and it will implement a ban on new leasehold houses.

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