Should I sell before or after Christmas?

November, 2022

If you're debating whether to sell before Christmas or in the new year, we've compiled all of our best tips for you. Here are some considerations to make when deciding when in the upcoming months is the best time to sell your home.
Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, taking into account both the larger issues and how they will affect your day-to-day life.


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Why sell before Christmas?
It is not surprising that many sellers leave the market in the weeks leading up to Christmas in an effort to restart in the spring. But sometimes you might not benefit from this. We recommend keeping your house on the market and considering selling it before Christmas for the following reasons:
Buyer Motivation

Buyers have higher completion motivation. Both buyers and sellers find the idea of a new beginning for the year to be very appealing, so once you have a strong offer, you might find that things move a little more quickly at this time of year. Along with your solicitors, who will want to wrap up any loose ends before the holidays, you will undoubtedly be more motivated to get things done.
Less competition

There is far less competition on the market, and your home may also be seen by buyers more frequently, meaning that you can definitely take advantage of this quiet period.
A fresh start

You could be completely prepared to move into your new home in the new year if you sell before Christmas. There is no need to stress about viewings or solicitors' paperwork. It's time to spend the first few months of the year setting up your new home and settling into your new life! Nothing is worse than wanting a fresh start but having plans hang over you.

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With all of those considerations, there are undoubtedly some refutations. Before making any decisions, it's always best to weigh all the arguments, especially when it pertains to something as significant as selling your house. Here are some justifications for delaying your sale until January:
You can relax at Christmas

You have the opportunity to fully enjoy the remaining time you will have in your current home, and what better time to celebrate than Christmas? Additionally, do you really want to spend the Christmas season surrounded by boxes while attempting to organize your home for viewings? Nope, neither would we!
Fewer buyers looking

It goes without saying that Christmas is typically a slower time of year for house hunting. People will still be shopping for presents, planning trips to visit relatives, and working a lot to finish up for the year. Naturally, having little competition can be advantageous, but it could also make it more difficult for you to find a buyer or receive the offer you want.

A new listing for the new year
If you list your house in January or take a break from listing prior to the christmas holiday, it will appear to buyers as a ‘new listing’ Since moving is frequently a new year's resolution, more people may start to consider moving at this time. In addition, you'll have a clear, organized mind and be prepared to concentrate on selling.
In conclusion…
Both selling before Christmas and waiting until the new year have advantages and disadvantages, of course. What is best for you will depend on your particular situation, though. Weigh up the pros and cons, but most importantly, don't make the process of selling your house more stressful than it needs to be. Contact us right away if you'd like more information about selling your house.

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