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April, 2022

At Arlington Park we’re always looking at ways to maximise the marketing potential of a property. One of the tools we now have in our arsenal is the use of drone imagery.

Once upon a time, there was only one way to obtain aerial views of your home. Photographers would use manned aircraft to take the photos. This is a bit extreme for a typical house in Norwich.

Thanks to advances in technology, you can now take advantage of drone photography. By using a drone, you can easily capture stunning images that showcase a property at its finest.


Most buyers are not interested in walking from property to property for days on end. They prefer to browse the internet first, then contact an Estate Agent to arrange viewings. An aerial photo of your property can make it stand out amongst its competitors. According to some studies, aerial property photography can boost the sale of properties by up to 68%.

Satellite-based aerial views from the likes of Google Maps/Earth are frequently out of date and do not accurately represent the property in its current condition. Having aerial drone photos of a property can really enhance your marketing efforts.



Aerial shot buildings

Aerial photography from a drone can show a current and accurate layout from ground level up to 120 m. It gives a sense of scale that cannot be portrayed by ground-based photography, showcasing properties in the right light and making them stand out.

Customers viewing properties online will find this especially useful for properties looking plain from the ground up, as it will make them appear more appealing from the air. It is one thing to say the master bedroom has magnificent views. However, it's quite another if you're able to show a picture or video of that view.

Combining quality interior/exterior images/videos with drone aerial imagery can be a winning sales combination.

At Arlington Park we believe that the best marketing shouldn’t cost more, that’s why drone imagery is included AS STANDARD in our sales service. If you would like to maximise the potential in your property and take its marketing to the next level, contact us today to discuss.

Arlington Park is fully insured and holds an operators licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority for the purpose of safely operating a drone.


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