Where is Arlington Park?

December, 2022

We often get asked where the name Arlington Park comes from.
As a Norwich born agency created by a Norwich native, it made sense to keep our name relevant to this fine city.
Arlington is a Suburban District of Norwich which encompasses the streets lined with mostly Victorian properties between Earlham Road and Newmarket Road with Unthank Road running through the centre.
Morecommonly this area is referred to as ‘The Golden Triangle’ (Hence the golden triangle in our logo). This name was in fact created by Estate Agents in the late 1960’s as the area was highly desirable thanks to its proximity to both the city centre and the ‘New’ UEA.
Originally the Unthank family owned a vast majority of the land within the Golden Triangle, But as the cost of running the large estates rose substantially, they became untenable forcing the family to gradually sell parts for the development of housing. Property was much needed in Norwich at the time to accommodate its burgeoning population, as the city no longer had any free space within the ancient walls.

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