Christmas Deadline

August, 2022

September is a time to start a new chapter, which for many people means buying or selling a house. A completion before Christmas would be ideal for most, so that they are in and settled before the big day. How can you meet the December deadline amid the process of mortgage applications, surveys, solicitors, and other unplanned obstacles?
Tips for Buyers
Make sure you do your research. It is easy to ignore small but essential steps when you are in a hurry to move in by Christmas. When it comes to buying a house, it's easy to get swayed by what appears to be a good deal, but it's essential to consider the market, the house price, and the location in order to get the best deal for you. 
There is an advantage for buyers at this time of year. We are entering the colder months, and many sellers are aware that sales can slow down around Christmas. In this situation, putting in an offer on a property that has been on the market for some time may lead to success and fast progress. 
Have your mortgage lender's agreement in principle ready. Once the vendor accepts an offer, this will expedite the process. 
Make sure your solicitor has a good reputation and has been recommended by others who have had positive experiences with them. Some solicitors are reputed to be slow. Persistence is the key to moving in before Christmas. 
Following exchange, completion usually takes place a few weeks later. It is possible to request to complete both on the same day if timings are tight.
Once you know your completion date, shop around for a reliable removal company. 


Tips for Sellers
It's a great time to spruce up your home for potential buyers now that the summer holidays are over. 
A trusted local estate agent can value your home, as well as compare it to the competition and make sure you are selling it for a fair price. When it's priced according to the current market, it's more likely to sell quickly. 
It's important to have all your paperwork in order and up-to-date so that you can avoid any potential delays. 
You should choose an interested buyer who is ready to move. Whether it be their first time buying, or they have no chain, or that their current home is already under offer before you market yours. 
Make sure you plan ahead. If your house sells quickly, be prepared for your next move. 

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