New Year... New Beginnings

December, 2023

As we step into the New Year, the residents of Norwich are contemplating changes in their living spaces.

Whether the need is for more room, a larger garden, proximity to the countryside, or a desire for a cosier home, the idea of 'ready to move' is gaining momentum. In this season of new beginnings, there's no better time to start a fresh chapter and discover the perfect estate agent to guide you through the process in Norwich. 

1. Phone a Friend
When on the quest to find a reliable estate agent in Norwich, start by reaching out to friends and family for recommendations. Their first-hand experiences can be invaluable, providing insights into an agent's communication, knowledge, and friendliness. For local advice, consider tapping into social media platforms, especially Norwich-based community groups. Explore agent profiles to understand their local area knowledge and community engagement. 
2. Read Reviews for Norwich Estate Agents
In the digital age, online reviews on platforms like Google and Feefo offer a window into the experiences of other clients. While most reviews are genuine, it's crucial to approach them with an open mind. Look for patterns in feedback to assess whether an agent is worth shortlisting. 
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3. Check the Agent's Website
Once you've narrowed down your options, delve into the websites of shortlisted estate agents in Norwich. Compare the services they offer, examine their fee structures, and explore where they market their properties. Social media feeds can reveal more about their local knowledge and community involvement. 
Pro tip for Norwich residents: Before comparing, create a wish list of your requirements to ensure you know what you want from your chosen estate agent, tailored to Norwich's unique property landscape. 
4. Check Fees and T&Cs
Norwich estate agents vary in their services, from high street offices to internet-based and hybrid agencies. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on individual requirements.
Norwich residents should carefully review the fine print, understand contractual obligations and the length of that contract, and decide whether they prefer a sole agency agreement or multiple agents to market their property.  Read our blog on agent contracts and what to look out for 
5. Review Your Agent's Performance
Your Norwich estate agent is your partner in getting your house marketed and sold. It's a collaborative effort, and clear communication is crucial. Establish expectations and be open to discussing performance reviews, whether it's the number of property views, website hits, or proactive calls to potential buyers. 
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6. Same Difference - Norwich Style
As you narrow down your shortlist, take a close look at the properties the agent has successfully sold in Norwich. Are they similar to yours? Does the agent demonstrate knowledge of the local area, and how accurate are their property valuations? 
Pro tip for Norwich residents: Research online to understand the selling prices of similar properties in Norwich to gauge the accuracy of the agent's valuations. 
7. Trust Your Gut Instinct
In the process of finding the right estate agent in Norwich, trust your gut instinct. Sometimes, a conversation just clicks, and you may sense that a particular agent is the right fit for you. While trusting your instinct is important, balance it with thorough checks and reviews to ensure a well-rounded decision, keeping in mind the nuances of the Norwich property market. 
Arlington Park: By Your Side in Norwich
For those in and around Norwich seeking a seamless and stress-free property journey, Arlington Park Estate & Letting Agents stand as your expert guide. Our property team, with a no-obligation approach, is ready to provide advice on selling your property. Contact us at Arlington Park on 01603 577255, and let's make your property dreams a reality in the New Year. Here's to new beginnings in Norwich!
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